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10 shoes every woman should own

Collect these always-chic shoes to save yourself from what-to-wear moments - and some painful blisters.

As tempting as it can be to stockpile your shoe closet with feathery, sparkly, sky-high heels, that's probably not the most practical strategy. Collect all 10 of these always-chic flats, heels and sneakers (yes, sneakers!) to save yourself from what-to-wear moments - and some painful blisters. - By Megan Gustashaw, Glamour

- Nude Peep-Toe Pumps
- Black City Boots
- Ballet Flats
- Wooden Platform Sandals
- Canvas Sneakers

- Black Pumps
- Metallic Sandals
- Suede Booties
- Flat Leather Sandals
- Gorgeous Work-of-Art Shoes That Make You Happy

This spring they do come in various colors and styles. Make a bold fashion statement this year, not only with your clothes! Take advantage of this year's explosion of colors and styles which gives you virtually endless possibilities to express yourself and enjoy the best of life and yoursef!

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